Salim and Salimah Campaign

“Use of the appropriate type of restraint for a child’s age, height, weight and physical limitations reduces deaths of children by between 50% and 75%” (Seat-belts and child restraints: a road safety manual FIA Foundation, 2009)

Salim and Salimah is a road safety education campaign launched by Sustainability in the Sultanate of Oman in 2005. The goal is to save children passengers from death and injury in road traffic crashes by using the power of visual media to educate parents and caregivers, decision makers and educators.

The focus of the campaign is a ‘made in Oman’ child passenger safety film ‘Doesn’t your child deserve a safe ride?’ filmed in Arabic and English which seeks to impact driver behaviour and increase child restraint use. The film won Best Road Safety Communication and Campaign award at the International Road Safety Film Festival 2007, and has achieved international recognition as the first of its kind in the Arab world on child passenger safety. [Read more]

The campaign drives home the message that the tragic toll of lives lost on our roads is avoidable, unsustainable and the shared responsibility of all sectors of society; public, private and civic. Our objective, in collaboration with like-minded public and private sector partners, other NGOs and professionals, is to create accountability and ultimately a crash-free culture and in which no child’s life is snatched violently away due to the negligence of a driver.

Heartened by the impact of the film in tackling a previously taboo social issue, we went on to develop the Salim and Salimah website, Oman’s first dedicated road safety site as an online knowledge sharing resource, an electronic road safety newsletter, One Life, Your Choice, and a program of road safety presentations, workshops and community outreach.