Global Plan

The goal of the Global Decade of Action is to stabilize and then reduce the level of fatalities forecast to rise to 1.9 million by 2020. Potentially millions of lives can be saved.

The Decade challenges the governments of the world, in collaboration with stakeholders in the private and civic society sectors, to take immediate action to reduce the toll of road traffic death by implementing a global ‘safe systems’ Action Plan drawn up by the international road safety community. The Plan encourages countries to implement the recommendations of the World Report on road traffic injury 2004 to take action under five heads:

  • Road Safety management
  • Safer roads and mobility
  • Safer vehicles
  • Safer road users
  • Post-crash response


The Plan is intended as a guiding document for countries, and at the same time for as a framework for action to achieve the goal and objectives of the Decade of Action. It is aimed at a wide audience of stakeholders, including national and local governments, civil society and private companies willing to collaborate in the interests of attaining the goal of reducing death and injury on the road. (Download PDF)

Many countries have already acted to improve road safety, either by developing national plans for the Decade (e.g. Australia, Mexico, the Philippines); introducing new laws (e.g. Chile, China, France, Honduras); or increasing enforcement of existing legislation (e.g. Brazil, Cambodia, the Russian Federation).

The Decade of Action is symbolised by the yellow road safety ‘Tag’, a new global symbol to raise awareness and solidarity for action on road traffic injuries and our fight against the suffering, grief and injustice caused by road deaths.



“The road safety Tag is the new
symbol of the global movement for
safer roads. Wear the Tag, believe in
our collective ability to tackle these
appalling road deaths and together
let us act to save millions of lives in
the Decade of Action.”

- Lord Robertson, Chairman, Make Roads Safe