Hizaamak Amaanak, Buckle up for Life

The short but impactful film provides a sombre glimpse into the lives of a family coping with the aftermath of a car crash and stresses that as many as half of the thousands of lives lost or shattered every year on Oman’s roads could be saved by the simple act of everyone fastening a seat-belt on every journey. We used sound and the interplay of light and dark to good, dramatic effect to emphasize the fragility of the human body and the protective benefits of seat-belts and to contrast life before and after the crash. The film was shot in HD format, 25 frames per second, 16:9 ratio.

The debut screening of ‘Hizaamak Amaanak, Buckle up for Life’, took place at Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton under the patronage of Sheikh Khalfan bin Mohammed Al-Esry, member of the Majlis Addawla and renowned road safety champion. Keynote speakers included Dr Abdulla Assaedi, Representative of the World Health Organisation in Oman, Major Khamis Ali Al Battashi, In-Charge of the Traffic Safety Institute, Dr Ammar Al Kashmiri, Head of Emergency Medicine at Khoula Hospital and Dr Aziz Al Naamani, neuro-psychiatrist and brain trauma specialist from Sultan Qaboos University.

Introducing the event, Sustainability’s honorary chairman, Dr Mohammed Redha Bhacker, highlighted the message of the film that a seatbelt can make the difference between life and death or devastating life-long injury even in a low speed crash preventing up to 50% of all death or injury.

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