Campaign Materials

We are developing a range of road safety educational tools in Arabic and English for educators, parents, drivers and employers to use to raise awareness and reduce risk among friends, families and colleagues.  You are free to download and distribute these resources for educational, non-commercial use only. To order a quantity of printed brochures for your event, contact us here.  To support new resources development, contact us here.

Seatbelts- Hizaamak Amaanak, Buckle up for life
How many of these seatbelts myths do you still believe in?

Hizaamak Amaanak, Buckle up for life
Transparent window stickers – (order here)

  • 5 cm x 10 cm
  • 10 cm x 10 cm
Baby Safe – Buckle up for baby and for you
Advice for expectant mothers and fathers

Doesn’t your child deserve a safe ride?
Advice on choosing your child’s safety seat

A Question of Physics flyer
Unbelted in a crash, this law applies to you! (Download PDF)