International Reports

Global Status report on Road Safety 2013

This, the second report in the series, presents information on road safety from 182 countries, accounting for almost 99% of the world’s population and forms a baseline for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, declared by the UN General Assembly. The report indicates that worldwide annual road traffic deaths remain unacceptably high at 1.24 million and only 28 countries, covering 7% of the world’s population, have comprehensive road safety laws on five key risk factors: drinking and driving, speeding, and failing to use motorcycle helmets, seat-belts, and child restraints.

Release date: March 2013

Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020

The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 was launched in more than 100 countries on 11 May 2011 with the goal to prevent five million road traffic deaths globally by 2020. The United Nations Plan provides an overall framework for recommended actions based on key strategies in 5 categories.

Release date: May 2011

Make Roads Safe – Time for Action

Report from Commission for Global Road Safety’s campaign, Make Roads Safe to mark launch of the Global Decade of Action for the automobile industry to play a leading role in promoting the Decade and funding road injury prevention programmes

Release date: April 2011

Global status report on road safety

WHO report assessing the road safety situation in 178 countries. The report shows that significantly more action is needed to make the world’s roads safer. The scale of road traffic injuries in many countries demands rigorous road safety laws and enforcement.

Release date: 2009

World report on child injury prevention

Joint WHO / UNICEF report documents the magnitude, risks and prevention measures for child injuries globally revealing that road traffic injuries are the leading cause of childhood injury. The report makes seven recommendations for policy-makers to improve child injury prevention and is an important tool for raising attention to the issue and guiding action around the world.

Release date: December 2008

Youth and road safety

This report highlights why young road users are most at risk for road traffic injuries and addresses specific considerations relating to this growing public health and development epidemic.

Release date: April 2007

World report on road traffic injury prevention

Joint report of WHO and the World Bank detailing the scope of the road injury crisis and key prevention strategies.

Release date: 2004

Good practice manuals

Developed by the UN Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC), WHO and partner agencies, these manuals provide practical guidance on implementing action to tackle the main risk factors for road injury; viz speed, seatbelt/child restraints, helmet wearing, and drink/driving as well as setting up data systems. They are available in multiple languages on UNRSC section of the WHO website.